I hope that someday

You are good enough for yourself.

I hope you’ll look out at the city

Through your apartment window

And stop thinking about

If everyone else is brokenhearted too.

I hope you stop leaving the lights on

When you close your eyelids

Just so you can pretend no time has passed

And you’re still learning.

Dear person in metaphorical khakis,

I hope you get out of the prison

You have created yourself.

I hope you finally learn what it is

To feel lonely.

When you feel lonely, you feel as if

There will never be another person

To touch you ever again.

Dear beloved,

I hope when you are sitting in the tub

Hugging your shivering knees

You remember that you’ve still got time.

I hope you remember that human contact

Is a natural thing to want.

Dear beloved, I hope you find

The person you can touch in a movie theatre-

Just palm on palm, fingers entwined

Nothing more than skin and flesh and

Nails and sweat and

Dear beloved, I hope you feel like

Nothing is ever going to happen again.

I hope you sit on the bedroom floor

Head pounding from a shortage of tears

Heart aching with a sort of confusion

No amount of knowledge could ever fill.

Dear beloved,

I hope you realize that fear

Is a language, too.

I hope you fall down to the bottom

Of the well and make it out alive

Just so you learn of your strength-

Just so you learn

How to do it again.

To Whom It May Concern (via ln-difference)